the cover for "the murano glass slipper". A woman holds a glass shoe. A view of Venice can been seen behind her. The title is surrounded by glass tubes and blue roses.

Love is a kind of magic…

When Chiara’s father died, he left her a pair of glass slippers and a promise: that life would one day lead her back to love. With her world about to collapse, though, she needs something a bit more practical, like money. Or magic. That’s where Leandra comes in – although a seasoned con artist makes an unconventional fairy godmother.

Charming Domenico isn’t quite a prince. Actually, with all these secret identities to maintain, he’s not quite sure who he is. One thing he does know: he’s falling for the beautiful stranger he keeps running into at Venice’s masked balls. He’ll lose everything if he tells her the truth – but she seems to have some secrets of her own.

Dancing with Domenico is like a dream, and Chiara realises that he could be the person she’s been searching for. Now all she has to do is break his heart.

A reimagining of Cinderella set in 18th Century Venice, perfect for fans of fairy tale romance. The Murano Glass Slipper is a standalone novel that can be read on its own or alongside the other book in the series, The Rose and the Mask.

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